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National Engineers Day 2023: Our MD & CEO's Message on National Engineers Day

Dear Friends,

On this auspicious occasion of National Engineers Day, we come together to celebrate the remarkable contributions of engineers to our world. September 15th is a day that holds special significance, as it marks the birthday of one of the greatest engineering visionaries, Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. His legacy serves as a testament to the profound impact that engineers can have on society.

At Urban Infra Group, we recognize the pivotal role that engineers play in shaping our modern world. They are the architects of innovation, the problem solvers, and the builders of a better tomorrow. Engineers have been at the forefront of transformative developments, from the construction of awe-inspiring infrastructure to the creation of cutting-edge technologies that propel us into the future.

As we celebrate National Engineers Day, let us also reflect on the power of collaboration. The synergy between engineering excellence and effective communication, which is at the heart of our work at Urban Infra Group, has the potential to drive positive change on a grand scale. Engineers conceptualize and construct, while communicators bridge the gap, ensuring that these remarkable feats are understood, appreciated, and embraced by society.

Our commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with the spirit of this day. We are proud to serve as a communication partner to the engineering community, helping to amplify their achievements, innovations, and the transformative impact they have on our lives.

To the engineers who continue to inspire us with their ingenuity and dedication, and to our valued stakeholders who support and believe in our mission, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Together, we are writing a story of progress, innovation, and sustainable development.

Happy National Engineers Day! 

Let us continue to build a brighter future, hand in hand.

Warm regards,

Mamta Shah
MD & CEO, Urban Infra Group