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Leaders Meet: Join the 3rd Urban Infra Business Summit & Awards 2023 in New Delhi

New Delhi, India (November 1, 2023): Calling all industry professionals! Prepare to immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience at the 3rd Urban Infra Business Summit & Awards 2023, set to unfold on the 7th of December 2023. This flagship event is not just a summit; it's a gateway to a world of endless possibilities, designed to amplify your voice, bolster your brand, and cultivate invaluable connections.

Key Discussion Ponits

  • Urban Transport & Climate Change - Perspectives from India
  • Integration of Multi-model Transportation in major Indian cities
  • Future of mobility - What's driving India's push towards EVs?
  • Role of support industry in developing sustainable urban infrastructure
  • Financing of major urban infrastructure projects in India
  • New Business Avenues in Railways & Urban Transport Sectors in India
  • New Business Avenues in Construction, EPC and Heavy Equipment Industry
  • New Business Avenues in Rolling Stock, Signalling & Automation Industry
  • Other trending topics as suggested by key players and thought leaders

Speakers from the nodal ministries, government departments, city planning bodies, think tanks, mobility operators, academic & engineering institutions, research & development organisations, leading industry players, solutions providers and allied industry are joining together to share their innovative ideas, thoughts, experience and solutions.

Seize the Moment: Opportunities Galore

Empowering You to Speak and Shine

Are you an expert eager to share your insights and perspectives with a global audience? This summit is your stage to captivate and educate. With a diverse range of topical discussions and thought-provoking sessions, this platform provides you with the ideal opportunity to showcase your expertise and establish yourself as a prominent voice within the industry.

Elevate Your Brand to New Heights

Is your organization striving for heightened visibility and recognition? The Urban Infra Business Summit & Awards 2023 offers an unparalleled platform for brand elevation and exposure. Showcase your innovative solutions, cutting-edge products, and sustainable practices to a receptive and influential audience, fostering increased brand awareness and credibility.

Forge Lasting Connections

Networking forms the backbone of any thriving industry. At this summit, connect with like-minded professionals, industry pioneers, and key decision-makers, laying the foundation for potential collaborations, partnerships, and business opportunities. Engage in meaningful conversations, exchange ideas, and cultivate relationships that could pave the way for future growth and success.

Unlock the Power of Knowledge Sharing

In an ever-evolving industry landscape, staying informed and updated is key to maintaining a competitive edge. Immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge sharing, as the summit presents a rich tapestry of insights, best practices, and industry trends shared by seasoned experts and thought leaders. Acquire valuable insights that can shape your strategies and drive your organization forward in the dynamic world of urban infrastructure.

Honoring Excellence in the Industry

In addition to the insightful conference, the Urban Infra Business Summit & Awards 2023 will recognize and honor outstanding achievements and excellence within the industry. Esteemed individuals and organizations will be acknowledged for their significant contributions and innovative initiatives, serving as inspiring examples for the entire sector.

This dynamic summit serves as an unparalleled opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing, and fostering collaborations that will shape the future of urban infrastructure in India. The 3rd Urban Infra Business Summit & Awards 2023 is poised to become a pivotal milestone in the trajectory of sustainable and innovative urban development in the country.

A Platform for Transformation and Growth

Join us at the 3rd Urban Infra Business Summit & Awards 2023, where opportunities abound and possibilities unfold. Be a part of a transformative experience that not only amplifies your professional journey but also contributes to the larger narrative of sustainable and innovative urban development in India.