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Ms. Karuna Gopal, President - Futuristic Cities

Ms. Karuna Gopal

Ms. Karuna Gopal, a luminary in the realm of urban development and governance, serves as the esteemed President of Foundation for Futuristic Cities, a pioneering think tank catalyzing groundbreaking transformations in India's urban landscape. Simultaneously, she holds the esteemed position of Independent Director at Engineers India Ltd, bringing her visionary insights and expertise to guide the strategic directions of the organization. Recognized for her commitment to advancing women's policies and research, Ms. Gopal serves as the BJP National In-charge for Women Policies & Research, underscoring her dedication to shaping inclusive and progressive initiatives within the political landscape. Her multifaceted roles across these domains reflect her relentless dedication to fostering innovative approaches and transformative policies for urban development, governance, and women-centric agendas in India. Her remarkable expertise and visionary insights have garnered invitations from various governments worldwide, including the USA, Sweden, South Korea, UK, UAE, Singapore, and others, seeking her expertise in fostering Smart Governance strategies.

Ms. Gopal's impactful contributions to India's urban landscape are notably evident through her instrumental role in shaping the '100 Smart Cities Mission.' Her groundbreaking innovation, SCULPT YOUR CITY- 2009, introduced a Crowd-Sourced Protocol for Co-Creation, significantly influencing the mission's guidelines and recognized as a National Best Practice. Her collaboration with esteemed global organizations such as The World Bank, DFID, USAID, and ADB underscores her profound understanding and expertise in steering urban development initiatives.

Her influential engagements encompass various significant global forums, including her involvement as a member of the Speaker delegation on Smart Cities at COP21-UNFCCC in Paris 2015. Additionally, in 2015, she served as a senior advisor to the Union Ministry for Housing and Urban Affairs, representing the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Her association as the 'City Representative' for CTBUH (Council for Tall Buildings & Urban Habitat Illinois, USA) in India further exemplifies her global footprint in the realm of urban development and design.

Ms. Gopal's impact extends beyond the borders of India as she actively participates in international platforms and conferences, delivering close to 100 keynote addresses worldwide. Her insightful perspectives and expertise have earned her recognition from esteemed national and international media outlets like the ECONOMIST, Channel News Asia, National Geographic, and World Economic Forum, solidifying her standing as an influential thought leader in the realm of urban development and future cities.

Her dedication to driving transformative change and fostering innovation is evident in her initiatives such as IWIN (International Women Innovators Network), which was inaugurated by the Vice President of India in March 2020. Moreover, her current endeavor, SURGE (Smart Urbanization Reinventing Growth with Equity), aims at formulating transformative policies to usher in a New India characterized by inclusive growth and development.

Additionally, Ms. Gopal's association with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 2014 is aligned with her family's illustrious legacy, rooted in a lineage of freedom fighters and esteemed IAS officers, adding a deeper dimension to her commitment to public service and nation-building.

This comprehensive summary encapsulates Ms. Karuna Gopal's impactful journey, highlighting her significant contributions, global influence, and visionary leadership in shaping the future of urban development, governance, and policy-making in India and across the world.