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Introducing the Emerging Urban Infra Woman of the Year Award

New Delhi, India (Urban Infra Group): Prepare to be inspired as we unveil a remarkable accolade – the prestigious "Emerging Urban Infra Woman of the Year" award, a coveted category within the highly anticipated 3rd Urban Infra Business & Summit Awards 2023. This prestigious recognition celebrates the dynamic and visionary women who are spearheading urban transformation through their innovative contributions.

About the Award:

The "Emerging Urban Infra Woman of the Year" award stands as a tribute to the rising female leaders who are reshaping the urban landscape. This distinguished honor acknowledges the drive, determination, and achievements of women who are propelling urban development into a new era.

Championing Urban Evolution:

This award casts a spotlight on the trailblazing women who are making a tangible difference in our urban spaces. By envisioning sustainable solutions and embracing technological strides, these emerging leaders are pivotal in catalyzing positive change in our cities.

Catalysts for Progressive Urbanism:

The "Emerging Urban Infra Woman of the Year" award spotlights the brilliance and foresight of women who are committed to revolutionizing urban living through pioneering practices. Their unwavering dedication to sustainable, efficient, and people-centric solutions sets an inspiring benchmark for urban development.

Mark Your Calendar:

Nominations Submission Opens: 1st April 2023
Nominations Submission Closes: 30th October 2023
Winners Announcement: 7th November 2023
Award Ceremony: 7th December 2023
Venue: India International Centre, New Delhi, India

Nominating the Visionaries:

Nominations for the "Emerging Urban Infra Woman of the Year" award can be submitted via the Nomination Form. This entails providing comprehensive insights into the nominee's achievements, their influence on urban infrastructure, and their role as an emerging leader.

Why This Award Matters:

In a rapidly urbanizing world, these emerging women leaders are the vanguards of change. Their visionary ideas, unswerving commitment, and leadership stand as the driving force behind sustainable and inclusive urban growth.

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders:

Beyond the accolade, this award serves as a platform for emerging female leaders to unite, collaborate, and inspire one another. By sharing their experiences and insights, they ignite the path toward a brighter urban future.

Advantages of Participation:

Nominee: Nominees gain noteworthy recognition for their outstanding contributions to urban infrastructure advancement. Their accomplishments resonate with peers, potential partners, and investors.
Delegate: Attendees of the award ceremony gain exclusive access to pioneering strategies and approaches that emerging leaders are deploying to shape urban progress. It's an unparalleled opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and broaden horizons.
Sponsor: Sponsoring this award conveys a commitment to nurturing emerging female talent within the urban infrastructure arena. Sponsors attain prominent visibility and the chance to connect with influential leaders and decision-makers.

Unlock Insights and Forge Connections:

Insightful Perspectives: Delegates gain invaluable insights from the awardee's journey, gaining firsthand knowledge about cutting-edge urban infrastructure solutions.
Networking and Collaboration: Engage with fellow delegates, thought leaders, and potential collaborators during the award ceremony and other summit events.

Be Acknowledge as a Catalyst for Transformation:

Prominent Acknowledgment: Sponsors of this award receive special recognition during the award ceremony, showcasing their dedication to fostering emerging female talent within urban development.
Exclusive Networking: Connect with influential individuals and organizations at the forefront of urban progress.

Eligibility for Npmination:

This award is open to women who have showcased remarkable creativity, innovation, and impact in the realm of urban design. Nominees should be emerging leaders who are actively shaping the future of our cities through their pioneering contributions.

The "Emerging Urban Infra Woman of the Year" award salutes the ascendancy of female trailblazers who are steering urban evolution through innovation and leadership. Their audacious strides inspire us to redefine urban living for a sustainable and prosperous future. Join us in honoring these extraordinary leaders at the 3rd Urban Infra Business & Summit Awards 2023, where excellence in urban development takes center stage.

Last Year's Honoree:

In the previous year, the "Emerging Urban Infra Woman of the Year" award was bestowed upon Dr. Amita Singh, Lead-HSE, CDM Smith, a visionary leader in sustainable urban development.

Participation in the Celebration:

Embark on a journey of urban transformation at the 3rd Urban Infra Business & Summit Awards 2023. Come together to honor those who are crafting the destiny of our cities.

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For more information, nominations, and sponsorship opportunities, please visit the 3rd Urban Infra Business Summit & Awards 2023 or contact the Urban Infra Group team.

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